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That’s a Wrap! City’s 2021 Construction Season Comes to an End

City building | December 9, 2021

The City of Mississauga’s construction season is wrapping up after another productive year. This year, the City invested more than $76 million to expand, repair and improve Mississauga’s transportation infrastructure, like our roads, bike lanes and trails, and ensure our stormwater system is ready to reduce the risk of flooding.

“Mississauga’s transportation infrastructure is the largest asset owned and operated by the City with a replacement value of $5 billion. These sound investments in the roads you drive on and the sidewalks and trails you use ensures you are able to get where you need to go quickly and safely,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “I want to thank the crews who work so hard every year and I also want to thank Mississauga residents for their patience as this essential work was completed.”

This year, 20 kilometres of residential, major and industrial roads were resurfaced and more than three kilometres of new sidewalks were completed to keep pedestrians moving safely.

“Since April, we’ve been making a lot of headway on several road construction projects,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation & Works. “Our main priorities, especially on our roadways, has always been to keep people moving safely and efficiently throughout the city and to keep traffic moving and limit delays. This year, we completed road improvements along Mississauga Road, restored the Central Parkway pedestrian bridge and crews are wrapping up the restoration of the Old Derry Road bridge, which is expected to be completed this month.”

Construction season in Mississauga also includes essential repair and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure to help manage and reduce the risk of flooding and erosion in neighbourhoods.

“We undertook numerous construction projects this year that will help keep you, your family and property safe from intense rainfall events,” said Helen Noehammer, Director, Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Services. “Erosion control work was completed along Cooksville Creek and work continues along Mary Fix Creek and Applewood Creek – both are expected to be completed by next summer. The new underground stormwater storage facility at Sandalwood Park is also complete and we’re looking ahead to the new stormwater management facility coming to Mississauga Valley Park next year.”

Other key construction projects completed in 2021 include:

  • Dredging and maintenance of the stormwater management pond at the southwest corner of Winston Churchill Boulevard and Tacc Drive.
  • Completion of the Lisgar Pumping Station.
  • Trenchless Rehabilitation of Corrugated Metal Storm Sewers Project at the Mississauga Golf and Country Club. Through this project, the City used a new technique that required little digging and disruption, while also extending the life of the pipes underground.

“This year, we also implemented a Field Ambassador Program for the first time to improve how we communicate about construction projects happening in Mississauga,” added Noehammer. “If construction took place along the street where you live or work, we hope that you had the opportunity to speak with the Field Ambassador on-site, on the phone or by email to ask questions and learn more about the work taking place. Next construction season, we look forward to providing this same opportunity for two-way communication, so that residents and business owners can stay informed.”

Residents interested in learning more about the City’s construction projects can use the construction map to see where projects took place across the city. Using the interactive map, residents can view the types of projects and who to contact if they have any questions.

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Restoration of Central Parkway pedestrian bridge
Restoration of Old Derry Road bridge
Road resurfacing along residential road in Mississauga
New stormwater storage facility under construction at Sandalwood Park
Dredging and maintenance of the stormwater management pond at Winston Churchill Boulevard and Tacc Drive (SWM Pond 5704)

Construction season in Mississauga is from April to December. The City, along with the Region of Peel, the Ministry of Transportation and Alectra, work together to organize and complete construction projects in Mississauga.

Construction projects include work on roads, bridges, creeks, sewers and other types of infrastructure.


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