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The Lifeline Project

Entertainment and activities | November 30, 2015

As residents and visitors travel down the busy intersection of Hurontario St. and Burnhamthorpe Rd. they will see a splash of colour in the downtown core.

As a result of a public art competition held by the City, a temporary art installation composed of 50,000 feet of colourful paracord will join the 52 oak trees located along the Hurontario Street median. The art piece will group the burlap covered trees into 11 clusters, representing each of the city’s wards. The Lifeline Project is a tribute to Mississauga’s diversity, resilience and community and will inject vigour and generate excitement during the winter months.

City commissioned artists; Michael Simon, Marisa Gallemit and Taline Jirian, designed an art piece that “creates a reminder of vital energy while nature is deceptively in stasis.”

The public art installation brings awareness to the natural environment and emphasizes the importance of annually wrapping the trees with burlap in order to shield them from winter damage and cold temperatures.

The Lifeline Project

Temporary Public Art

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