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The Riverwood Conservancy’s (TRC) Enabling Garden Wins $5,000 Grant

Environment | November 17, 2015

TRC’s Enabling Garden is the winner of a $5,000 Growing For Futures grant from the National Garden Bureau. The grant will be used to fund a sensory trail at Riverwood for people with vision loss. This trail will provide a model for adapting current accessible trails for those with vision loss.

“The City is proud of our partnership with The Riverwood Conservancy,” said Ward 6 Councillor Ron Starr. “TRC provides programs that allow people to explore and learn about our environment. The Enabling Garden is the only fully programmed therapeutic garden in the GTA in a public park. It lets people of all abilities experience the joy of nature in a safe and supportive environment.”

The Enabling Garden was the only Canadian finalist in the North American-wide competition. The other two contenders were Fayetteville, North Carolina’s “Cape Fear Botanical Garden” and Brewster, New York “Green Chimneys Children’s Garden”. Each Garden used social media to promote the competition and encourage voting.

“The Enabling Garden at Riverwood is fully accessible and designed for physically and cognitively disabled children, youth, adults, seniors and their caregivers,” said Douglas Markoff, Executive Director TRC. “Programs are offered in the garden to help children and adults overcome difficulties, build confidence, self-esteem, strength, mobility, and find inspiration in a deeper connection to nature.”

“The City is dedicated to providing programs and services to residents of all abilities,” said Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito, member of the City’s Accessibility Advisory Committee. “Using the grant money to fund a sensory trail will be a great addition to the Enabling Garden, making the area even more inclusive for residents and visitors.”


Riverwood is a unique 60 hectare (150 acre) urban park located in the centre of Mississauga. The park features the vast natural, agricultural and cultural history of Mississauga. Visitors can enjoy more than 475 species of plants and animals, walk on scenic woodland trails, and relax in beautiful and accessible gardens.

TRC supports the City of Mississauga in the growth and development of Riverwood as a public garden, park, and nature preserve. TRC promotes the enjoyment and enriches the experience of Riverwood for visitors and citizens of Mississauga and the surrounding areas through innovative programming.

The City of Mississauga works in partnership with The Riverwood Conservancy, Credit Valley Conservation, and Visual Arts Mississauga.

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