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Upcoming Lakeshore Road Transportation Master Plan and Implementation Strategy

Local government | June 3, 2015

City staff will be undertaking a masterplan study of Lakeshore Road. The master plan will include a study of multi-modal travel along the Mississauga portion of Lakeshore Road which will inform land use decisions for growth and redevelopment in the Lakeshore area as well as corridor design decisions.  The master plan led by the City’s Transportation and Works Department will be conducted by a consultant and will be on the June 10 Council agenda.

The Lakeshore Road corridor, including Royal Windsor Drive, is a key link in the City stretching continuously between the City’s west and east limits serving both local community and regional travel. The corridor consists of three distinct communities – Clarkson, Port Credit and Lakeview areas.

The study will address:

  • growth in the Clarkson, Port Credit and Lakeview areas and general growth in Mississauga and neighbouring areas
  • current and future transportation demand
  • transportation network connections for linkages at key locations (e.g. destinations, mobility hubs, major transit stations and active transportation routes)
  • rapid transit east of Hurontario Street from the Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan
  • potential extension of rapid transit into the Port Credit area
  • options to address congestion or shut down situations on the Queen Elizabeth Way
  • possible additional crossing(s) of the Credit River in the Lakeshore Road area
  • development of corridor design plans to supports all modes of transportation and safely connect people to places and move goods to market

The two-year study will begin in late 2015 with updates and public consultation throughout the process.  The study will meet requirements of Stages 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment approval process. The final master plan will be brought to Council for approval in late 2017.

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