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Update – Fire at 2869 Battleford Rd.

City services | June 6, 2022

On Sunday, June 5 there was a devastating fire in a townhouse complex at 2869 Battleford Rd. Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services remains on site to assist with the investigation alongside the Ontario Fire Marshal.

Residents who need support are encouraged to call an information phone line at 905-615-4508. The phone line was set up to provide residents with new and updated information.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services will hand over the scene to the property management company who is responsible for making repairs to the units impacted at 2869 Battleford Rd.

During the investigation, it was identified that asbestos could be present in the textured coat of the ceiling. At this time, it is being treated with the appropriate precautions and Mississauga Fire and Emergency Service’s Hazmat team is responding.

The building at 2869 Battleford Rd was last inspected in May 2022 and at the time the fire alarm system was in working condition. While this specific fire is still under investigation, we do know that in some fire situations, fire can compromise the alarm system and make it inoperable.

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