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Veterans Heading to the Warriors’ Day Parade on August 18 can Travel Free on MiWay

Veterans can ride MiWay for free to the Warriors' Day Parade.

City services | August 13, 2018

Canadian Armed Forces veterans and a friend can take a free ride on MiWay on Saturday, August 18 to attend the Warriors’ Day Parade at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).

“We are so honoured to offer the brave men and women who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces to be our special guest aboard MiWay to attend the Warriors’ Day Parade – the longest-running annual parade of its type,” said Geoff Marinoff, Director, Transit.

Veterans heading to the CNE for the parade simply need to identify themselves to a transit operator by wearing their uniform or showing a medal or an item such as a beret indicating that they are a veteran.

The Warriors’ Day Parade is an annual tradition that began in 1921. This year, the parade celebrates its 97th anniversary. This year’s parade commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War and the 70th Anniversary of the first ever UN Peacekeeping Mission. For more information about the Warriors’ Day Parade, visit

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