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You’re Invited to Help Shape Meadowvale

City building | September 6, 2018

The City of Mississauga invites you to Help Shape Meadowvale. Join us at a community meeting and share your ideas for the future growth of the Meadowvale Neighbourhood.

Help Shape Meadowvale Community Meeting

Thursday, September 13, 2018
6 to 8:30 p.m.; Presentation at 6:15 p.m.

West Credit Secondary School
6325 Montevideo Rd., Cafeteria

The City of Mississauga wants to work with you to develop a policy framework to guide future growth in the study area. We need your help:

  • What do you value most about Meadowvale’s physical character?
  • With future growth, what is important to protect? Enhance?
  • What should future growth look like?

Learn more about the Meadowvale Townhouse and Apartment Areas Character Study at

Got a great idea for how Meadowvale should grow? Use our feedback tool and share your idea.


Meadowvale is seeing more growth. There have been recent development applications proposing intensification within Meadowvale. The engagement process for all the applications included community meetings and statutory public meetings at the Planning and Development Committee (PDC).

Growth in Meadowvale needs to take place in a way that creates a safe and vibrant community where all can live, work and prosper. As a result, the City is undertaking a Meadowvale Townhouse and Apartment Areas Character Study to guide the process to develop or re-develop existing privately-owned land in the neighbourhood.

The Meadowvale Townhouse and Apartment Areas Character Study is a proactive measure to ensure that the City has the right land use policy in place if a landowner submits a development application in the future.


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