Mississauga Culture on the Map
Explore Mississauga's public art, museums, heritage, artists, venues, events and other cultural resources.
  Mississauga Culture on the Map
2018 Street Guide Available
Find any Mississauga street using the Street Guide
Buy the 2018 Street Guide ($15.50) from our eCity store or from two of our City locations. Phone 905-615-3200 ext. 3347 for more information.
  Street Guide
City Owned Lands
Inventory of all City Owned Properties
  City Owned Lands
City Wards
Ward Boundary Changes
Map displaying current City Wards as of January 1, 2010
  City Ward Map - Current
Mississauga Zoning By-law
New Zoning By-Law
Read all about Mississauga's Zoning By-law. We have an entire page devoted to this new document.
  Mississauga Zoning By-law
Mississauga Maps - Interactive Online Mapping Service
Welcome to the City of Mississauga's mapping site.

This online mapping service allows you to:
  • browse and explore accurate, regularly maintained mapping data
  • view current and historical aerial photography
  • search and locate an address
  • search and locate a street intersection
  • search and locate points of interest, such as parks
  • measure distances and areas
  • view the location and details of survey monuments
  • view the location and details of City-planted trees
  • rotate the map and click an Arrow button for true-north

Requirements for using Mississauga Maps:
  • Mississauga Maps is supported on all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Use the latest version of your favourite browser to get the best experience. Older browser versions, or other browsers not listed, may not work as well.
  • JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
  • 512MB RAM (preferred)
  • If you use Internet Explorer to view Mississauga Maps, you may not see the map if the "Compatibility View" settings is turned ON. To turn this OFF, click the Tools button (gear icon), click "Compatibility View Settings", select "mississauga.ca" under "Websites you've added to Compatibility View", and finally click "Remove".
  • Also ensure that the Mississauga Maps server is accessible at IP address

1 Map Page Header Top section of the page with the search control and social media links. The Maps logo can be clicked on to reset the map back to the original zoom.
2 Map Viewer Window The Map Viewer window is dedicated for viewing and interacting with mapping data.
3 Map Page Footer Bottom section of the page that holds links to help, terms and conditions, accessibility and feedback.
4 Search The Search menu is used to locate Street addresses, Intersections and City Points of Interest. See below for more details.
5 Show my location Select the check box to quickly show you current location on the map.
6 Measuring Tool Select the check box to measure approximate length or area. See below for more details.
7 Zoom In and Out Buttons Can be clicked on to zoom the map for more or less detail; the closer you zoom in, you will see more detail and a smaller area
8 Zoom Level Control The Zoom Level Control displays your current zoom level and it can be clicked on for quick changes to the zoom. See below for more details.
9 Scale Bar The Scale Bar displays the relationship of distances on the Map with those on the ground. The Scale Bar changes each time you zoom IN, zoom OUT, or resize the Map Viewer window's zoom scale.
10 Rotation Arrow Click on this to rotate the map to point true north. The Mississauga map has been rotated by 52 degrees to show Lake Ontario as South. You can manually rotate the map by holding the Alt and Shift keys and moving the mouse. On a touch enabled device, the map can be rotated using 2 fingers.
11 Map Layer Picker Click on the blue stacked diamond to show the Layer Picker which displays what additional details can be shown on the map. The levels displayed are dynamically shown based on the zoom.
12 Feedback Link Click here to submit any feedback, including data and functionality issues, thank you.

For more information, please refer to the Help and FAQ guide here

Who do I contact in case I have problems with the Mississauga Maps Site?
- send an email to maps.feedback@mississauga.ca if you have any issues with the Mississauga Maps site.

The original eMaps online mapping service has been discontinued since December 2015. If you wish to continue to access it, please click here for eMaps Classic.