RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds

What is RSS?
RSS stand for Really Simple Syndication. By subscribing to an RSS feed you can be updated automatically when certain types of information are updated on a web site. RSS allows you to stay informed by retrieving summaries of content from the sites you are interested in.

What is an RSS Reader?
An RSS Reader or News Aggregator is a software program that allows you to collect and display RSS feeds for you to read and use.

Where can I find an RSS Reader?
Certain browsers, such as the current version of Firefox, have built in RSS readers. If your current browser does not support RSS there are a number of RSS readers available for different platforms. A simple search for "RSS Reader" should supply you with a list to choose from. Some are free to download and others are available for purchase.

How do I subscribe?
The first step is to install an RSS Reader (unless your browser supports RSS feeds). The second step is to subscribe to the feed by following these instructions:

  In your browser click on the link to the feed you want to subscribe
  From your browser's address bar, copy the web address (URL) of the feed.
  Paste the web address (URL) of the feed into the Subscribe section of your reader.
RSS Feeds