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Hancock Woodlands improvements

The City's making improvements to Hancock Woodlands to better serve the community as part of a long-term park development strategy.


Hancock Woodlands, located at 2151 Camilla Road, is a 6.73 acre (2.7 hectare) site that the City of Mississauga acquired from the Hancock family in 2010 for parkland. The site was later expanded to 7.17 acres (2.9 hectares) with the addition of the property located at 2182 Corsair Road.

Currently, Hancock Woodlands is a unique community park, mostly used for passive recreational purposes.

Overhead view of Hancock Woodlands park with the boundary outlined in a white border.
Overhead view of Hancock Woodlands with some of the planned improvements marked, including an accessible washroom and open-air pavilion.

Public engagement

After the initial parkland acquisition, a Community Engagement process was conducted in 2011, which gathered feedback on the park and the two existing buildings at the site (Header House and the Office structure).

The park was redeveloped based on the outcomes of the public engagement process. After the first construction phase was completed, the park was opened to the public on June 10, 2018.

The second construction phase is now being planned as part of Hancock Woodlands long-term park development strategy. In this second construction phase, the City intends to provide additional park amenities based on the outcomes of the 2011 public engagement process to continue to implement the vision for the site.

Construction work and schedule

The planned scope of work for the second construction phase includes:

  • New site services (such as sanitation, water and power)
  • Renovation of the existing Office structure, which includes converting the structure to an outdoor open-air pavilion
  • New standalone washroom structure (includes two accessible washrooms)
  1. 1
    Spring 2023

    Construction begins

  2. 2
    Fall 2023

    Anticipated completion of improvements

During construction, portions of the park will be closed to the public. For current information on what is closed and what remains open at the park, refer to the onsite signs.

For questions regarding construction at the Hancock Woodlands, please email and reference Hancock Woodlands or call 311 (or 905-615-4311 outside city limits).

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