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Mary Fix Park woodland

Restoring the woodland in Mary Fix Park to make sure it remains a functioning forest ecosystem.

Project overview

The woodland in Mary Fix Park is a significant natural area in Mississauga. The health of the woodland has been declining over the years due to informal foot paths and bike jumps, invasive plant presence and encroachment.

A restoration project in the woodland is underway (2020-2024) to restore and enhance its health to ensure it remains a functioning forest ecosystem. The park will remain open during this work but residents are encouraged to stay on delineated trails and avoid trails closed for restoration.


  • Informal paths and bike jumps increase disturbance to the understory leading to soil compaction, loss of plants and damage to tree roots.
  • Invasive plants are species that do not originate from this region and negatively impact existing vegetation. These plants spread and grow quickly, lowering the biodiversity in Mary Fix Park.


  • Close unsanctioned trails: create one mulched trail loop that passes through the woodland to improve the recreational experience in the woodland
  • Remove informal bike jumps
  • Plant native vegetation: trees, shrubs and wildflowers will be planted in selected areas to enhance natural regeneration and increase presence of native species
  • Control invasive species: invasive plants including winged burning bush, garlic mustard and European buckthorn will be removed from areas of the woodland to help preserve the function of the woodland ecosystem
  • Address encroachments: remove encroachments from neighbouring properties to restore the health of the natural area

Get involved

Do you have a group of eight or more people who would like to help with invasive species control and tree planting or learn more about nature in the City? If so, please contact 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) to book a stewardship event for your group.

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