Completed in 2020 Environmental assessment

Applewood Creek Erosion Control – Lakeview Golf Course

The City of Mississauga is undertaking a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment Study for erosion control and restoration of Applewood Creek through Lakeview Golf Course.

Project overview

Applewood Creek flows through the Lakeview Golf Course between the Dixie Outlet Mall and the CN Railway in the southeast corner of the City. Currently, the creek is channelized and its banks are lined with stone-filled gabion baskets that were installed 30 to 40 years ago over the entire 1.3 km length through the golf course.

The gabion baskets are approaching the end of their life-span, with many sections beginning to fall into the creek, posing a significant risk to the safety of golf course users and the environment.

The City has identified this reach of Applewood Creek as a high priority site in need of rehabilitation.

View of the creek on a sunny day with trees along the right bank and golf green on the left Image of the empty path that runs parallel to the creek on a sunny day


The main goal of this project is to mitigate the existing erosion problems and ensure long-term stability of the creek using natural design techniques, where feasible, while also protecting or enhancing the existing environmental resources within the study area.


  • Improves the stability and environmental health of the watercourse
  • Improves fish habitat and fish passage
  • Maintains or improves the hydraulic capacity of the creek, and protect nearby property and infrastructure
  • Enhance the golf course layout, improve playability, while maintaining or enhancing the heritage characteristics of the course

Greg Frew, P.Eng. – Project Manager
City of Mississauga
201 City Centre Dr, Suite 800
Mississauga, ON L5B 2T4
905-615-3200 ext. 3362

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