Credit River Parks Strategy

The Credit River Parks Strategy (CRPS) was approved by Council in 2013. The CRPS sets out a 25-year strategy that focuses on conservation, management, and growth of parks and natural areas along the Credit River.

More than 35,000 stakeholders were engaged in the development of the CRPS. Through the engagement, we heard residents, community groups, external agencies, and City staff say they want to be able to connect with and have access to this area for a number of recreational uses including cycling, walking, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.

The strategy recommends a number of actions including a continuous trail from Port Credit to Mississauga’s northern border, new bridges, and trails to connect neighbourhoods and provide links to transit hubs, educational institutions, and cultural experiences. It also recommends habitat restoration and new opportunities to further enhance water activities such as fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

The CRPS has received the CSLA Regional Award and has been nominated for The Credits, Natural Heritage Award. These honours have reinforced the strength of the vision identified in the Master Plan.

The Credit River is important to the City’s “green” infrastructure. The new strategy will ensure that it is preserved and enhanced for all to enjoy today and in the future.