Building permit application status

View the overall status by visiting the “Project info” in ePlans.

Learn more about how to find “project info” in ePlans.

Status of each reviewer

Your application may be reviewed by several groups including Building, Mechanical, Zoning, and Fire. The permit will not be issued until all of the assigned reviewers have approved.

The “workflow project status report” identifies the status of each review group.

Learn more about how to view your project status report.

Contact reviewers

You can find the name and contact information for each reviewer assigned to your application on the first page of the “workflow – project status report” in ePlans. Please refrain from contacting the reviewers until they have completed their review.

Outstanding comments

Your “workflow – project status report” provides real time comments from the reviewers. This report outlines any additional information you need to submit.

You will not be able to submit any additional information until all of the reviewers have completed their review. We’ll send you an email once the review is complete telling you what to do next.

Until you receive this email you cannot upload any additional information or respond to any comments in ePlans.

Learn more about how to view your project status report.

Where is my application now?

View what stage your project is at in the process as well as a detailed log of previous activities in the “workflow – routing slip” report in ePlans.

Learn how to view your routing slip report.

Checking status if you applied in person

If you applied for your building permit in person, check the status of your paper application in the building applications tool.

Check building permit app status

Contact us

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