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Lottery licence

The Compliance and Licensing Enforcement office at 300 City Centre Drive will reopen to the public on September 8 by appointment only. Appropriate health and safety protocols will be in place. To book an appointment, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside of City limits) to request a call back from Charity Gaming staff.

Apply for a lottery licence if you’re an eligible charitable or not-for-profit organization supporting charitable objectives in any of the following categories:

  • Relief of poverty
  • Advancement of education
  • Advancement of religion
  • Other charitable purposes that benefit the community, such as culture and arts, health and welfare, amateur sports organizations, enhancement of youth, public safety programs, community service organizations

Examples of organizations not eligible for a lottery licence include hobby groups, political lobby groups and for-profit organizations.

Are you eligible for a lottery licence?

Review the General Terms and Conditions of Lottery Licences by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) before applying for your lottery licence. Submit the completed Lottery Licensing Eligibility Questionnaire by mail or in person along with the supporting documents to:

Compliance and Licensing Enforcement
Ground floor, Office Tower
300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga ON, L5B 3C1

You must book an appointment to submit the documents in person. You’ll only be admitted to the building if you have a scheduled appointment. Only one person may attend the appointment. If you’re late by 10 minutes or more, your appointment will be cancelled and you’ll need to reschedule.

If any of the required information or supporting documents are missing, your application will be considered incomplete, and will be returned to you.

What happens next

Once we receive the fully completed lottery licensing eligibility application form and all supporting documents, we’ll get back to you usually within 3 to 4 weeks. If we have questions while reviewing your eligibility form, we’ll contact you.

Once your application is approved, you must complete the following requirements:

Open a designated lottery trust account or a designated business account

A separate lottery trust account or designated lottery business account must be opened and maintained at a recognized financial institution in Ontario. The type of account you need and the recordkeeping and accounting documents required depend on the type of licence or permit you are applying for. Our office will provide you with details if your organization is deemed eligible.

The lottery account must:

  • Be a chequing account
  • Cheques must indicate a lottery trust account or designated lottery business account and require at least two authorising signatures
  • Be held in the name of the licensee
  • Have duplicate deposit slips. Keep one copy for your organization’s records.
  • Provide monthly statements that include the return of all cheques, or a scanned copy of the front and back of any cancelled cheques

Cash withdrawals or transfers in or out of a lottery account are not permitted.

Dissolution clause

You must have a general dissolution clause in your organizations constituting documents. If you’re applying for a licence governed under AGCO, you’ll be required to update your constituting documents to include an additional dissolution clause about your lottery proceeds. Our office will provide you with full details if your organization is deemed eligible.

Types of events that can be licensed

The City of Mississauga has the authority to issue lottery licences for:

Bingo events

Individual bingo games with prize boards of up to $5,500. To apply for a licence for an individual bingo event, download the Bingo Lottery Application and review the Bingo Licence Terms and Conditions.

Mississauga bingo hall locations

Organizations applying to play bingo at a bingo hall can contact the bingo hall administrator for an application and to review the requirements.

Delta Bingo: 1650 Dundas Street West, Unit 17-21

Rama Gaming Centre: 2295 Battleford Road


Raffles with a total prize value of less than $50,000. Raffles with a total prize value of more than $50,000 must be licensed by the AGCO. Different types of raffles include:

  • 50/50 draws
  • Electronic raffles, which use computers to sell tickets, select winners and distribute prizes.
  • Catch the Ace, a multiple draw game where participants buy tickets for a change to win a percentage of the ticket sale proceeds from one draw. The winner also gets a chance to win a cumulative jackpot by choosing a card from a standard deck of playing cards.

How to apply for a raffle licence

Download the Raffle Lottery Application and read the Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions.

Your application must be submitted to the City along with the following:

  • A sample raffle ticket
  • Rules of play for a raffle or a 50/50 draw
  • A list of secured prizes and their retail value including taxes
  • Receipt and/or invoice for any prize over $500
  • Two independent certified appraisals for any prizes that are antiques, art or jewellery
  • A copy of all advertising for the raffle event
  • Lottery trust account number
  • Name and address of the bank or financial institution
  • Letter of Credit or certified cheque payable to City of Mississauga (if total prize value is over $10,000)
  • Lottery licence fee paid out of the lottery trust account for 3% of the total prize value

Vehicles awarded as prizes

Vehicles must be new and cannot be offered as a lease. You must provide:

  • A bill of sale or a confirmation letter from the dealership indicating make, model, options and full retail value including all applicable taxes

For trips awarded as prizes

  • Proof of accommodations or the minimum of a $500 cash prize must be included
  • Proof the travel agents involved are registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO)

What happens next

We will process your raffle licence application and issue your licence, usually within 15 business days. Your licence will be mailed to you, or you can pick it up at our office by appointment only on the ground floor at the Mississauga Civic Centre, 300 City Centre Drive.

The original copy of your licence must be posted at your event.

Break Open Tickets

Break Open Tickets (BOT) are small cardboard lottery tickets. Symbols on the ticket are revealed by tearing open the cover tab, and the winning combination of symbols is shown on the back of the ticket.

To apply for a licence, download the Break Open Ticket Licence Application and review the Break Open Ticket Licence Terms and Conditions.

Bazaar gaming events

A bazaar is an event for charity, such as a rummage sale or a fundraiser. These events can include any combination of a:

  • Raffle not exceeding $50,000 in prizes
  • Bingo not exceeding $5,500 in prizes
  • Maximum of three wheels of fortune with a $2 maximum bet

To apply for a bazaar gaming licence, download the Application to Conduct a Lottery Type Scheme at a Bazaar and review the Bazaar Licence Terms and Conditions.

What is a licensed lottery event?

A lottery event or scheme is one where money is paid, or consideration given such as a donation for a chance to win a prize.

A licensed lottery event is managed and conducted by an eligible charitable organization to support certain charitable objectives.

Role of the City in lottery licensing

The City of Mississauga is responsible for:

  • Issuing lottery licences to eligible charitable organizations in accordance with AGCO requirements
  • Determining and monitoring the use of proceeds raised under the lottery licence
  • Enforcing all provincial gaming regulations

If you need more information about applying for a lottery licence, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email