Community gardens

All nine community gardens are currently open only to registered garden members.

Community gardens are a shared space to grow food. They encourage active, healthy living and help green the city.

The City supports community gardens through a partnership with Ecosource. There are nine public community gardens in Mississauga parks.

Member plots

Mississauga residents can sign up to become a member gardener. You will:

  • Get an individual plot to grow your own food
  • Provide your own seeds and plants
  • Help take care of communal areas

To sign up to become a member gardener, visit the Ecosource website.

Community plots

Community plots are shared among a community group, corporate group or organization. The food grown in these plots can be donated to local food banks or used in a community program.

If you’re interested in a community plot, contact Ecosource at or 905-274- 6222 ext. 303.