Emergency key security boxes

If you’re the property owner of a commercial, industrial or multi-residential building, such as low-rise or condo, you can purchase an emergency key security box.

An emergency key security box contains keys to the building and specific areas inside the premises, such as maintenance and mechanical rooms.

This means the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) can access your building quickly during an emergency.

Properties with a fire safety plan must have an emergency key security box on the premises.

  • The MFES only accepts the use of the Gunnebo Type ‘B’ all-steel key box
  • The property owner should contact Gunnebo on 905-595-4140 to purchase the key box or complete this purchase order.
  • The key box must be mounted at the front entrance or vestibule of the building. Fire fighters must not have to pass through a lockable door to get to the key box. Alternate locations may be acceptable when in the best interest of the property owner and MFES.
  • The key box must be mounted 1.5 to 1.8 metres above the floor. If it’s flush mounted, it must be securely cemented in the wall. If it’s surface mounted, it must be bolted through the wall (lag screws will not be accepted).
  • The keys placed in the key box will be for MFES use only. The keys must include a front door key and keys for fire protection equipment such as fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, voice communication equipment and elevators. Master keys for building suites will not be accepted.
  • All keys must be properly identified with large metal tags
  • The property owner must contact MFES, Fire Prevention Division at 905-896-5908 to confirm the acceptability of a proposed location before installing the key box. After the installation is completed, MFES is to be notified. A Fire Inspector will bring the key to the building. If the key box is installed properly and the appropriate keys are provided and properly tagged, the Fire Inspector will place the keys in the key box and install the locked cover plate.
  • The box can only be opened by with a special key owned by MFES. The MFES must be notified whenever the keys require changing.
  • The Fire Fighting Division of MFES must be notified of the location when an emergency key security box is installed.

Contact us

For more information on emergency key security boxes contact our Fire Prevention Division on 905-896-5908 or email fire.prevention@mississauga.ca.