About community benefits charges

The community benefits charge (CBC) is a new fee collected by the City for the development and redevelopment of high-density buildings.

They are collected according to Section 37 of the Province of Ontario’s Planning Act.

Benefits of CBCs

The CBC will help ease the financial pressure that high-density development places on our infrastructure and service delivery needs.

The money the City collects from community benefits charges could help fund growth-related capital projects in the following service areas:

  • Housing
  • Public realm and road safety
  • Community facilities
  • Urban parks
  • Active transportation
  • Parking
  • Civic administration

City Council approves capital projects every year during the annual budget process. City Council may use CBCs to fund capital projects that benefit the whole City, as well as areas from where they are collected.

With the CBCs the City can avoid relying on property taxes or other revenue sources to help fund infrastructure and services supporting high-density growth.

Contact us

For questions about the City’s community benefits charges, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email customer service.