Failure to respond to a ticket

If you get a ticket or offence notice and fail to respond at all within 30 days, your matter will be reviewed and the ticket may be convicted in your absence. A Notice of Fine and Due Date will be sent to you by mail at the address on file.

Once you’ve been convicted, it is too late to choose any of the options on the back of the ticket.

Unpaid tickets and fines

If you don’t pay your ticket or fine within 45 days, it will be sent to a collections agency. Additional fees will be added to your ticket, and could affect your credit report.

If you have unpaid fines you’ll receive a final notice in the mail with instructions on how to pay your fines. For more information on unpaid tickets, please call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

Driver licence suspension

If your licence is suspended by the Ministry of Transportation because of unpaid fines, you can visit the Mississauga Ontario Court of Justice office in person to pay your fines, or you can attend any Ministry of Transportation (Service Ontario) office to pay your outstanding fines and reinstatement fee.

If you pay at the Mississauga Ontario Court of Justice office in person, you must attend your local Ministry of Transportation (Service Ontario) office after four business days to pay the reinstatement fee.

Once all unpaid fines and the reinstatement fee have been paid, the Ministry of Transportation (Service Ontario) will reinstate your licence.

Check Ontario driver’s licence status online

It’s your responsibility to make sure you have a valid driver’s licence before driving.

If you’re a vehicle owner, you’re also responsible for making sure everyone who drives your vehicle has a valid licence.

Use this free service from the Ministry of Transportation to check the status of your Ontario driver’s licence.

Demerit points

If you’ve broken certain driving laws the Ministry of Transportation will determine whether to add demerit points to your driver’s licence.

Contact the Ministry of Transportation if you have any questions about a licence suspension or demerit points.