Apply for an excess load moving permit

To move oversized loads that exceed the limits of height, width or weight set in the Highway Traffic Act, you’ll need to apply for an excess load moving permit.

There are a few different types of permits: a single trip permit that’s valid for a one way trip for one day, an annual permit that’s valid for an entire year, or a superload permit for a single load at 120,000 kilograms or more.

Permits will take a minimum of five business days to process. Superload permits will take a minimum of fourteen business days.

Load dimension limits

The dimension limits for an annual permit are:

  • Length: 12.5 to 25 metres, including maximum rear overhang of 4.65 metres
  • Width: 2.6 to 3.7 metres
  • Height: 4.15 to 4.5 metres

The dimension limits for a single trip permit are:

  • Length: 25 to 37 metres
  • Width: 3.2 to 4.5 metres

A minimum of two private escort vehicles are required for single trips. If the length or width is greater than any of these limits, or if the height is greater than 4.5 metres, a police escort and a guild escort are required during the trip.

The weight limits must follow the Highway Traffic Act or go up to a maximum of 120,000 kilograms.

If the weight or dimensions are over these limit, you will need to apply for a superload permit.

Permit fees

For current permit fees, check the Transportation and Works section of the General Fees and Charges By-Law.

Applying for a permit

You’ll need to review and complete the following forms:

The certificate of insurance must have a minimum of $2 million general liability coverage and $3 million auto coverage. Your insurance company or insurance brokerage must date, sign and stamp the certificate.

We can only process complete and accurate applications. Email your complete application package to You can also mail your application to Transportation and Works Permit Administration Services.

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