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City Finances

The City of Mississauga is a modern, vibrant 21st century community that continues to evolve and grow; it is a place where people choose to be.

As a municipality, we face many challenges that can sometimes make it difficult to remain focused on our goals and priorities. Some challenges are larger than we can handle alone and require us to find new and innovative ways to address issues and to partner with other levels of government. Recent extreme weather events, our aging infrastructure and transit expansion are examples of challenges we must address. At the same time, we must deliver the services our residents value in a fiscally responsible way.

The 2018-2021 Business Plan and 2018 Budget is the foundation of the City’s financial management strategy; it shows what we are doing, why we need to do it and how much it costs. This document shows how the City turns goals and priorities set out in the Strategic Plan into action.

Information is also available about upcoming budget meetings, property taxes, infrastructure, development charges and other areas of City finance.

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