Finance reports

The City prepares a number of reports each year that detail the City’s finances.

Financial Report Highlights

The Financial Report Highlights summarizes the City’s full 2020 Annual Financial Report to provide a quick overview of the City’s financial performance.

2020 highlights: 95,644 businesses, $8.36 billion in capital assets, $1.45 billion construction permits issued

Financial Report

The Financial Report communicates to residents, businesses and all stakeholders the details of the City’s financial performance, and related information about significant financial policies, processes, and sustainability-related information.

Cover of the 2020 financial report - a yellow background with 2020 overlapping blue text

Long-Range Financial Plan

The Long-Range Financial Plan provides a summary of the key challenges, a financial condition assessment, and a snapshot of the City’s anticipated financial position over the next ten years.

Cover image of the financial plan, with a background image of a park and downtown Mississauga skyline

View the Long-Range Financial Plan

How Mississauga Compares

Learn how Mississauga’s 2021 property values, municipal taxes and more compare to those of 114 other Ontario municipalities.

View of the Absolute World (Marilyn Monroe) buildings in downtown Mississauga

View the BMA Municipal Report

Annual Treasurer's Statement

Annual Treasurer’s Statements are in compliance with the Development Charges Act and Planning Act.

Cashless Transactions Review Final Report

This report on a review of the City’s capability to transition towards going cashless, was produced by KPMG LLP, and carried out with financial support from the Province of Ontario.

City of Mississauga – Cashless Transactions Review Final Report

Data Analytics Strategy Report

This report, produced by Ernst & Young LLP, was carried out with financial support from the Province of Ontario.

City of Mississauga Finance Division – Data Analytics Strategy Report

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To request reports from earlier years, please contact 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).