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May 1 - 7, 2016

I make things Happen

Free events for Youth by Youth

Rebel 16 Events

Rebel Week Kickoff

Join us on Sunday, May 1 at Clarkson Community Centre and Library starting at 12:00 PM for FREE food and entertainment as we celebrate the start of Rebel Week in Mississauga.

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What is Rebel?

Sauga youth together with the City of Mississauga, have created Rebel - a weeklong youth-led festival of creative expression and community involvement. Rebel takes place every year from May 1 to May 7 during National Youth Week and National Youth Arts Week. Together, we took control of hosting more than 300 FREE events featuring over 400 artists for over 8000 people across the city in 2015. Rebel is a festival of music, film, the arts, culture, sport and opportunities to make a difference. Our events are a way for us to enlist one another to have an awesome time and show Sauga who we are!

We are passionate.
We take a stance.
We inspire positive change.
We challenge the status quo.
We are dynamic.
We make things happen.

Join the Rebellion

Together, let's make this year's Rebel Week the best it's ever been! Join us in empowering more Sauga youth to take part in a weeklong event festival that is hosted by youth, for youth.

How Can I get Involved?

How Do I Rebel?

You can get involved in one (or all) of three ways:

  1. Become a Rebel Event Organizer
  2. Volunteer with us
  3. Attend Rebel16 week events
How Can I Volunteer?

What's A Rebel Event Organizer?

Organizers plan events ranging from talent shows to scavenger hunts. City of Mississauga provides free event space and mentorship to organizers. Ready to get started?

  1. Grab some friends.
  2. Brainstorm ideas of what event you'd like to host
  3. Fill and submit the event application
  4. Once your event is approved, promote it!
  5. Show up, have fun and be a Rebel!
What's Included

Do I get volunteer hours?

Yes! Last year, 235 youth provided 1657 hours of volunteering during Rebel Week. All event organizers will receive volunteer hours for their time. Email rebel.youth@mississauga.ca to suggest or discover how else you can get involved during the week.

Rebel 16 Application Form

Thank you to all youth who submitted your events

The application period is now closed

See you at this year's Rebel16 events!

How Can I Volunteer?

MiWay is your way to Rebel Week from May 1st to 7th

For customized route and schedule information, visit miway.ca or call 905-615-INFO(4636). View scheduled departure times on your smartphone or other mobile device at m.miway.ca

MiWay is a proud partner of REBEL16

How Can I Volunteer?

Join the Conversation

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