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Customer Satisfaction Survey

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The purpose of the MiWay Customer Satisfaction Survey is to support MiWay’s strategic business goal to grow ridership by better understanding customers’ needs.


To measure customers’ overall satisfaction with MiWay as well as their satisfaction with five key service aspects:

Transit Operators


Routes, Schedules and Stops
Communication and Information Access, including Customer Service

Summary of Findings - 2015

Overall Satisfaction with MiWay remains at 82%, unchanged since 2013. One-third of MiWay customers would recommend MiWay to others.

Slight changes (+/- 1 to 3%) in customer satisfaction occurred in three of the five service delivery areas: Transit Operators; vehicles; and routes, schedules and stops.

Modest improvements (+4 to 6%) occurred in the fares area and modest declines (-4 to -2%) were seen in Communication/Information Access and Customer Service.

The Mississauga Transitway received a high satisfaction rating of 82%.

Satisfaction with PRESTO increased significantly to 87%, up 6% since 2013. And almost three-quarters (71%) of MiWay customers are satisfied with the “value received for your fare paid,” up 4% since 2013.

Action plan highlights include implementing the MiWay 5 service plan (2016 to 2020), developing a new customer service strategy and providing real-time schedules online.

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