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Mississauga Transitway Service Expansion
MiWay connects to Mississauga's business parks and employment areas, serving over 64,000 businesses and the over 400,000 employees that work across the city. The completion of the Mississauga Transitway will connect employees in the west end of the city to the Airport Corporate Centre and Toronto Pearson International Airport, making your commute to and from the office hassle free. 

Click on the map below to learn more about how we're building business connections. Let MiWay be your way to work.

BuildingNew Connections

Employment Areas

Business Park Icon

Airport Corporate Centre

The final three Mississauga Transitway station at Spectrum, Orbitor and Renforth Gateway will open in 2017. Businesses and employees will benefit from the new transit infrastructure that will connect GO and TTC customers to MiWay service at the new Renforth Gateway station.

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Northeast Employment Hub

MiWay serves the Northeast Employment Hub on Route 73 - Kamato Loop with direct service from Dixie Transitway Station.

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Downtown Mississauga

The City Centre Transit Terminal offers business commuters connections to all parts of the city as well as neighbouring cities such as Brampton and Toronto.

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Gateway Corporate Centre

MiWay services the Gateway Corporate Centre along Hurontario Street with both MiExpress and MiLocal routes. This area will also be well served with the future Hurontario Light Rail Transit Line.

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Meadowvale Business Park

With access to Meadowvale Town Centre and Lisgar GO Station, passengers can connect with several major routes servicing various parts of the city.

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Sheridan Business Park

Connect to Sheridan Business Park on MiWay from the City Centre Transit Terminal, Erindale GO Station and Clarkson GO Station.

Building Connections with Neighbours

MiWay routes create economical and efficient transportation connections between popular destinations throughout the city and our services connect with neighbouring transit systems including GO TransitTTCBrampton Transit and Oakville Transit

The transitway now extends to west Mississauga

Erin Mills Station

Erin Mills Station, a new stop on the Mississauga Transitway and the first station in the west, opened on Sept. 5, 2015. GO bus service will be available – visit www.gotransit.com for route and schedule information.

MiWay is now serving Erin Mills Station.

Connect with GO and Züm in Downtown Mississauga (City Centre)

City Centre

Züm is Brampton Transit’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service that connects to MiWay buses at the City Centre Transit Terminal, via the 502 Züm Main Street.

MiWay customers can now connect with GO at the new Square One GO Bus Terminal, the second busiest GO bus terminal and a stop along the Mississauga Transitway. This station building is located on the southeast corner of Station Gate Road and Centre View Drive.

Connect with Brampton Transit at Dixie Station

Dixie Station

Route 185 operates along Dixie Road between Dixie Transitway Station and Bramalea Terminal during weekday rush hours. Buses depart stops every 15 minutes.

Visit miway.ca/dixieexpress for details.

Transit Shelter Sponsorship for Businesses

Is your business interested in sponsoring a bus shelter in Mississauga?

Please review our quick FAQ below:

Q: What are the benefits of the program?
A: Highlight your support of employees who chose transit as an alternative mode of transport. Invest in sustainable transportation initiatives in the city. Attract a diverse set of talent from surrounding cities, with transit service to your front door.

Q: Can a bus shelter be installed at a particular location?
A: First a site assessment needs to be completed to determine if the location is feasible. A site assessment would consider: land availability of city/region property, visibility, safety and accessibility guidelines.

Q: What does it cost to purchase and install a shelter?
A: The cost can range from $25,000 to $30,000 depending on the site requirements for one shelter. The shelters may be installed in multiples of single, double or triple as required.

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the shelter?
A: The Sponsor is responsible for paying for the cleaning and maintenance of the shelter at an approximate cost of $1,000 per year.

Q: Can the business that is sponsoring the shelter have their name/logo on the shelter?
Yes. A sponsorship decal not exceeding 10”x10” inside the shelter is allowed.

Q: Can my business advertise in the shelter?
A: No. Advertising is not permitted on a sponsored shelter.

If your business would like to sponsor a bus shelter, or if you have questions about the program, please contact miway.info@mississauga.ca to be put in contact with MiWay’s Infrastructure Management section.