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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

A Swimming pool is a permitted accessory use to most residential properties within the city of Mississauga. The building type, property location and type of pool will dictate which regulations apply. A swimming pool is defined in the zoning by-law as being a body of water located outdoors contained wholly or partly by artificial means and which can hold water exceeding 0.61 m in vertical depth at any point and shall include a hot tub.

The regulations within subsection 4.1.4 of Zoning By-law 0225-2007 outline the general regulations (e.g. setbacks) applicable to a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool (1.9mb)

An outdoor swimming pool is permitted accessory to a detached , semi-detached , duplex , triplex and street townhouse dwelling subject to the following regulations:

  • no part of an outdoor swimming pool is permitted in a front or required exterior side yard
  • an outdoor swimming pool shall be set back a minimum of 1.5 m from all lot lines, measured from the inside wall of the outdoor swimming pool

An outdoor swimming pool is permitted as an accessory use on lots containing any other form of residential dwelling, other than detached, semi-detached, duplex, triplex and street townhouse dwellings provided that the swimming pool shall be set back a minimum of 3.0m from any lot line, measured from the inside wall of the outdoor swimming pool. A swimming pool is also permitted within a building, structure or part thereof provided it complies with the regulations of the zone in which it is located.

For information regarding freestanding decks associated with a swimming pool - Decks, Porches and Stairwells.

Pool Heating/Filtering Equipment

Most of today's outdoor pools require external mechanical components in order to operate. Zoning by-law 225-2007 includes regulations governing the location of this equipment.

External heating, air conditioning and pool heating/filtering equipment may be located in any required yard, other than the front yard, provided it is located no closer than 0.61m away from any lot line (taken from subsection 4.1.6 - External Heating, Air Conditioning, and Pool Heating/Filtering Equipment

Setbacks to Greenbelt Zones

If it is determined that the outdoor swimming pool is located on a property adjacent to a greenbelt zone, additional setback restrictions will apply. Firstly, it must be determined what type of Greenbelt zone the property is adjacent to - a base greenbelt zone (ie. G1, G2) or a greenbelt exception zone (ie. G1-1, G1-2 etc.). The specific requirements have been outlined within Table - Minimum Setbacks to Greenbelt Zones .

Section 4.1.8 - Minimum Setbacks to Greenbelt Zones The minimum setback for all buildings, structures, parking areas and swimming pools in Residential Zones to all lands zoned G1 or G2 Base Zone, shall be the greater of 5.0m or the required yard/setback. (0179-2018) The setback for an outdoor swimming pool shall be measured from the inside wall of the swimming pool to a G1 or G2 Base Zone or a G1 or G2 Exception Zone. (0179-2018)

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Any information contained herein is strictly for information purposes only and should be reviewed in conjunction with Zoning By-Law 0225-2007, as amended. In the case where the information provided conflicts with that of the text contained in Zoning By-law 0225-2007, as amended, the text shall prevail. It should not be relied on when making decisions in connection with real estate transactions, development proposals or building permits.

Please visit the Mississauga Civic Centre, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to review the Official Zoning By-law and to speak with staff before making important decisions.

A list of amendments passed by Council but not yet incorporated into the office consolidation copy can be found on the Unconsolidated Zoning By-law Amendments document. 

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