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Swimming pool installation

The Compliance and Licensing Enforcement office at 300 City Centre Drive is open by appointment only. Appropriate health and safety protocols are in place.

If you’re installing an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa in your backyard you’ll need to submit documents to the City and pay a fee before starting work.

Your pool needs to be set back from all property lines. Check the Zoning By-law to find the restrictions for your property before you begin installation.

If your property is located on conservation lands, you’ll also need written permission from the Credit Valley Conservation or the Toronto and Region Conversation Authority to install your pool, hot tub or swim spa.

1. Submit documents

Book an appointment to submit the following documents in person at the Compliance and Licensing customer service desk, located on the ground floor of 300 City Centre Drive.

You’ll only be admitted to the building if you have a scheduled appointment. Only one person may attend the appointment. If you’re late by 10 minutes or more, your appointment will be cancelled and you’ll need to reschedule.

  • One scaled, legible drawing of the hot tub, swim spa, or Swimming Pool Site Plan on 11 x 17 sized paper. Hand drawn sketches will not be accepted.
  • An original Statutory Declaration signed by the property owner(s) and a lawyer or notary public
  • A Swimming Pool Enclosure Inspection Request, valid for one year from the application date and pay the pool enclosure inspection fee of $314 plus HST payable by cheque, debit or credit.
  • A legal survey of your property, conducted within one year of your enclosure inspection request

You may be asked to submit additional documents such as a tree removal permit or a park access permit, if needed.

Lot grading

Lot grading is the slope of the ground on your property. The swimming pool site plan must show the current lot grades elevations, drainage and any proposed changes. For more information check the Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Installation Guide.

Road occupancy permit

If you need to store construction equipment, machinery or materials on a road, sidewalk or City-owned land during construction, you’ll need to apply for a Road Occupancy Permit.

2. Schedule a pre-construction meeting

Once your site plan is approved, we’ll contact you to schedule a pre-construction meeting at your property about the proposed location of your pool.

Before the inspectors arrive, make sure the proposed location of your pool is marked (staked-out) with spray paint or stakes where the walls of the pool enclosure and any pool equipment will be.

If any changes have been made between when you submitted your site plan and the inspection, you’ll need to submit a revised site plan before installing your pool.

3. Pay additional fees and deposits

You’ll receive an email letting you know that everything is in order. Then you can pay the development and construction site review/administration fee of $470.25 plus HST and the refundable deposits mentioned below:

  • Municipal services protection deposit of $500 for above-ground or $1000 for in-ground or on-ground pools
  • Lot grading deposit of $5000 for in-ground or on-ground pools (if there will be changes to the lot grading) or a deposit amount as determined by the Commissioner, Transportation and Works

You can pay your fee and the applicable deposit as one certified cheque or bank draft.  Submission requirements of the applicable fee and/or deposit(s) will be confirmed and identified through the Lot Grading review process.

Once your deposits are paid, you’ll receive an email notice within a week from the Development Construction Inspector indicating when you can start construction.

4. Install your pool

While you install your pool and enclosure, make sure that:

  • No changes are made to the site plan
  • Existing lot grading and drainage patterns are maintained
  • Municipal property (which includes roads, boulevards, sidewalks, easements and City-owned land) are free of equipment, debris and mud

You can find examples and more detailed information about the minimum requirements for your pool enclosure in the residential Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Installation Guide.

5. Schedule final inspections

Final pool enclosure inspection

Before you fill your pool for the first time, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) to arrange a final pool enclosure inspection.

When the inspection is complete and the enclosure is approved, the inspector will sign a final swimming pool enclosure approval form and give you a copy. We’ll also mail you a certificate of approval.

Lot grading and municipal right-of-way inspection

After the pool has been installed, the enclosure is approved and any landscaping and sodding is complete, email to request a lot grading and municipal right-of-way inspection.

If the landscaping and sodding isn’t completed before your inspection, you will have to reschedule and pay an additional inspection fee of $300 plus HST.

Refundable deposits

After both inspections are complete and you receive the certificate of approval, we’ll mail you a cheque for your refundable deposits. Refunds normally take about four weeks to process.