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Park access permit

You will need a park access permit if you:

  • Have to access your private property through a City park or natural area to complete construction or renovations such as landscaping, tree removal, building a deck, fence or pool
  • Are completing work on a City park or natural area such as utility maintenance or other non-park related construction

You should apply for your park access permit at least two weeks before your work begins.

A park access permit is different from a permit to book a picnic park and cannot be used to book a City park for group recreational activities.


Each permit costs $368.07, plus HST. These additional fees may apply, depending on the work you’re completing:

  • $1,110.28 security deposit for minor projects
  • A security deposit for major projects determined by Parks and Forestry
  • $162.81 hourly staff charge for administration or site inspection. Additional hourly charges will apply after three hours of staff time.
  • $291.49 for a seasonal permit for shared use of park space
  • Direct cost of site restoration costs for city contractors, plus 8% administration fee
  •  $158.84 per hour, per staff, for site restoration costs by Parks and Forestry, plus direct cost for materials

Apply for a park access permit

  1. Email your completed park access permit application form and certificate of insurance to Your certificate of insurance must have at least $2 million in coverage identifying the City of Mississauga as an additional insured.
  2. We’ll review your application and email you a checklist of any other requirements like a refundable security deposit or documents  like a site plan that you’ll need to submit. If any additional documents are required from the checklist, email them to us
  3. Pay the permit fees by certified cheque or money order payable to ‘City of Mississauga’. Please include a Payment Submission Form with your fee.

What happens next

You will receive a copy of your permit by email once you’ve paid the applicable fees and security deposit.

When the work on your property is completed, email to schedule a site inspection. Once your property passes the site inspection, we will mail you a cheque to refund your security deposits.