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Forms Centre

Forms are available in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. This software is free and available from the Adobe Website.

Building Permit Application Forms


Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

Apartment Unit Area Declaration
Alternative Solution Application
Alternative Solution Authorization Form
Development Charges and CIL (123 kB) (pdf)
General Review Demolition Commitment Certificate
General Field Review Declaration
GFA Apartment Dwelling (119 kB) (pdf)
GFA Infill Residential (120 kB) (pdf)
GFA Non-Residential Declaration (75 kB) (pdf)
Home Occupation Declaration
Letter of Use (87 kB) (pdf) 
Occupancy Prior to Completion Application
Public Pool Checklist
Public Spa Checklist
Region of Peel Non-Residential Redevelopment / Change of Use Declaration
Residential Furnace Replacement (126 kB) (pdf)
Residential Mechanical Ventilation Data Sheet (667 kB) (pdf)
Residential Request for Clearance (114 kB) (pdf)
Resident Physician, Dentist, Drugless Practitioner or Health Professional Declaration
Roof Truss Layout Review Form (59 kB) (pdf)
SB-10 ASHRAE 189.1-2014 (648 kB) (pdf)
SB-10 ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Level 1 (1.03 MB) (pdf)
SB-10 NECB 2015 (2.66 MB) (xlsm)
SB-10 Part 9 Non-Residential (316 kB) (pdf)
SB-12 EEDS (Performance) (308 kB) (pdf)
SB-12 EEDS (Prescriptive) (244 kB) (pdf)
Schedule 1: Designer Information
Sign Permit / Sign Variance Applications
Single Dwelling Unit Information Letter (131 kB) (pdf)
Water Service Pipe Sizing(97 kB) (pdf)


Development Application Forms

Acknowledgement of Incomplete Application