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Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning)

No person shall change the use of any land or building without having first applied for and obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning Certificate). The applicant is responsible for submitting a separate application to the Building Division for a Zoning Certificate as the certificate does not form part of a building permit . A Zoning Certificate approves a change in use only and it is not permission to construct or to occupy the building prior to final inspection or approval under a building permit application. A building permit will not be issued until a Zoning Certificate has been approved.
The following information is necessary to complete the application form:
Municipal address, legal description of property and unit number
Tenant and/or agent's name, mailing address, postal code and phone number.
The proposed business location should not be indicated as the tenant's mailing address
The legal name of the proposed business
The total gross floor area of unit
A completed Application for Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning Certificate) adobe pdf is to be accompanied with:
One copy of the site plan indicating location of area to be occupied and unit number. (A site plan indicates building location, setbacks, site statistics, parking required and provided, etc.).
One copy of a fully dimensioned floor plan indicating room uses, including mezzanine floor plans if applicable. (We must be able to calculate exact gross floor area of the unit..
A letter outlining in detail the proposed use of the premises. Specify if unit will be used for office, warehousing, etc. and if there will be any retail sales or outside storage. Areas designated for retail sales, display, or outdoor storage must be clearly indicated on plans.
Fee:  $500.00.
Letter of Use adobe pdf is required for all building permit applications(construction, demolition, and/or change of use), or for a change in tenancy, in new and existing industrial, commercial, public, and institutional buildings/units and Zoning Certificate of Occupancy applications.
Other Fees - Zoning Letters
Residential:  $ 157.00
Non-Residential:  $210.00
Zoning Pre-Application Review:  $398.00