General Information
Snow Removal Information

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City’s Mandate

Is the City responsible for all roads? +

How many kilometers of road and sidewalk does the City clear during and after a snow event? +

The snow plow damaged my driveway curb. Will the City pay for the repair? +

What if my street is missed during snow clearing operations? +

Does the City clear walkways? +

How can I stay informed about winter maintenance operations? +

Why do some roads and streets get plowed or treated sooner than others? +

City's Level of Service

When can I expect my road or street to be cleared of snow? +

Why does the City clear cul de sacs, bends and dead end streets last? +

When does the City clear snow from bus stops? +

Why are some streets cleared to bare pavement and others are not? +

Who is responsible for clearing snow from the area around the mailbox? +

Residents Responsibilites

As a resident, what can I do to prepare myself for an anticipated snow fall or winter storm? +

How can I ensure safe winter driving? +

Can I throw snow from your driveway or parking lot onto the road? +

Do residents have to clear their own sidewalks? +

My landlord is not clearing the area around the building. What can I do? +


Street Parking

Is my temporary parking permit (parking consideration) still valid during a snow storm? +

Why did the snow plow come to my street and leave without clearing snow? +

Winter salt and technology

During snow clearing operations when is salt/treated salt used? +

Does the City use liquid salt (brine) during snow clearing operations? +

What type of salt does the City use during snow clearing operations? +

What technology does the City use to assist with snow clearing? +

Pet Safety

How can I protect my pet from winter hazards? +

Assistance for seniors and people with disabilities

Does the City provide snow removal services for older adults and people with disabilities? +