Winter parking

Avoid parking your vehicle on the street when it snows. Parked vehicles stop us salting and clearing roads for emergency vehicles, public transit and residents.

Parking permits may be suspended

Temporary parking permits may be suspended at any time during snowfall so we can safely clear the roads.

We will also not issue any new temporary parking permits during this time.

To find out if your temporary parking permit has been suspended follow us on Twitter @MississaugaSnow or call 311 (905-615-4311 if outside city limits).

Public parking may be suspended

If we need to clear and salt public parking areas temporary ‘no parking’ signs will be installed 24 hours before we begin removing the snow.

Fines and penalties

If your vehicle is parked illegally as per the Traffic By-law, you may be issued a parking ticket and your vehicle could be towed. All towing and storage fees must be paid by the owner of the vehicle.