Contemplating Child

Contemplating Child by Ferruccio Sardella is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

metal sculpture

Ferruccio Sardella, 2014
Corten steel
Located at Community Common Park

About the artwork

Utilizing a primitive, childlike approach, this steel sculpture presents a seated child in repose. The gesture reflects an inward state. In the context of the park, the site-specific work speaks to the juxtaposition of innocence and complexity in the urban environment.

The title of the sculpture suggests a double meaning. It could be understood as the child who contemplates, however the work also asks that we reflect upon the child’s perspective. In this sense, the sculpture is a rumination on family. In either interpretation, the artwork strives to ignite connections to childlike qualities within all of us.

About the artist

Ferruccio Sardella is a multi-disciplinary artist with extensive experience in site-specific public artworks. His practice focuses on the inter-dependency of culture and environment. In addition to his public art and studio work, Ferruccio collaborates with inter-disciplinary teams, integrating his methodology into design, planning and programming processes. As artist-in-residence for Evergreen Brick Works, he worked with architects, designers, engineers, programmers and other stakeholders to bring forward integrated, hybrid results.

More information

Ferruccio Sardella has created two artworks for the City’s Public Art Collection. Read more about his other artwork, A Year in Weather.

Photograph by Tori Lambermont.