Pine Sanctuary

Pine Sanctuary by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

A large green and blue metallic sculpture in the shape of a pine tree.

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY, 2017
Painted, laser-cut aluminum
Entrance to Riverwood Park

About the artwork

Pine Sanctuary is a large-scale aluminum sculpture that acts as an iconic signal from afar, and offers a dynamic experience of space and light from within.

A mystical enclosure at a scale between sculpture and architecture, the structure creates a space that can happily host activity from spontaneous play to quiet contemplation. Like its neighbouring pine trees, no angle or view ever repeats itself exactly; every step both inside and out prolongs the sense of discovery.

The artwork creates a unique identity for Riverwood and was designed and built through a process of computational design and digital fabrication.


About the artist

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY is an art and architecture studio based in NYC, specializing in computational design and digital fabrication.

More information

This project was funded in part, under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, in recognition of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary.

Pine Sanctuary is a winner of the 2021 Mississauga Urban Design Awards – Award of Merit, for achievements in Innovation, Execution and Context.