Familia by Stephen Cruise is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

variety of sculpted elements

Stephen Cruise, 2011
Limestone and granite
Harold E. Kennedy Park

About the artwork

The artwork responds to the natural and industrial history of Harold E. Kennedy Park. 

With a variety of sculpted elements, the artist makes reference to Port Credit’s origins and its evolution. The limestone and granite pieces trace the route of the Credit River, a nod to the waterway’s importance in shaping the area. Blocks of limestone are used as both a base for the colourful granite elements and as a bench. The repetition of the material echoes the significance of the stone in the region. 

The nine sculpted elements invite participation and reflection in the heart of Harold E. Kennedy Park adjacent to, and a natural extension of, the children’s play area. Together the art pieces form a community around a large hive – a place of collective activity, a place to gather, and a symbol of the area’s recent industrial past.