*UPDATE*— A heat warning has been issued for the City of Mississauga as of Sunday, July 14, until further notice. Stay cool at the biggest wading pool in the city at Mississauga Celebration Square. Enjoy an afternoon of splashing in the sun steps away from the big screens, food trucks, and exciting live events!

Pool of Knowledge

Pool of Knowledge by Stacey Spiegel is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

An outdoor pool with metal letters scattered along the sides and at the bottom.

Stacey Spiegel, 1997
Cast aluminum and concrete
Living Arts Centre grounds

About the artwork

The grounds of the Living Arts Centre are home to a three-part narrative installation by Canadian artist Stacey Spiegel. These sculptures (beginning with Book Wall, then Pool of Knowledge, and ending with Data Wall) all address the notion of “change” in society and the economy, from an industrial age to digital age.

Pool of Knowledge is a square water fountain, featuring flooring made of panels that incorporate letters of the alphabet. In 1997, when the artwork was created, the internet was known as the “information superhighway.” The work symbolizes letters being transformed into digital code, suggesting the coming information age but also indicating the overwhelming nature of this information. The artwork asks its viewer to consider how can information be deciphered and how can one navigate this new digital landscape?

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