Neighbours by Jon Sasaki is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

Bronze sculpture depicting a beaver and otter

Jon Sasaki, 2022
Located on Mavis Road Bridge, above Fletcher’s Creek (north of Courtneypark Dr)

About the artwork

Each of the four corners of the Mavis Bridge holds a secret. Groups of bronze sculptural ravine animals have been placed on the backsides of the walls, peeking into the “human world.” These are interpretations of fauna that are known to currently inhabit Fletcher’s Creek: an eastern painted turtle, a pileated woodpecker, an eastern garter snake, a coyote pup, a white-footed mouse, a green frog, a spotted salamander, an eastern cottontail rabbit, a pair of bumblebees, a green darner dragonfly, a monarch butterfly, a juvenile beaver and a long-tailed weasel. Many of these sculptures were inspired by animals the artist personally encountered while exploring the Fletcher’s Creek trail system.

The piece has the tone of a fable; we can imagine these animals made the decision to clamber up to road level and are cautiously observing us with a little bit of apprehension and a great deal of curiosity.


About the artist

Jon Sasaki is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist who explores many concurrent streams of inquiry that regularly intertwine in surprising ways. His work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally.

More information

This artwork was commissioned in celebration of the Mavis Road Bridge upgrades.