The Book

The Book by Ilan SandlerĀ is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

A large page with text and symbols cut into it has separated from a large book with its pages turning.

Ilan Sandler, 2006, reconditioned in 2016
Carbon steel and epoxy
Southeast corner of Mississauga Celebration Square

About the artwork

The Book is a large-scale painted steel sculpture with two pages torn away from its spine. The spine is perpendicular to the ground, the covers are open, and the pages appear to blow in the wind animating the space between the Central Library and the Civic Centre at Mississauga Celebration Square.

The pages are patterned with clusters of words and symbols referencing the origins of writing and the human body.

More information

In 2016, the artwork was generously donated to the City of Mississauga Public Art Collection by Hillside Media Communications Ltd. in collaboration with Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), who originally commissioned the artwork in 2006. It was fully reconditioned by the artist and the City of Mississauga in 2016.