3 Arches

3 Arches by Polymetis is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

Metal sculpture with three overlapping arches

Polymetis, 2022
Galvanized Steel
Fairwinds Park, 181 Eglinton Avenue West

About the artwork

The 3 Arches pavilion was created as a place to think about the world around us. A space to contemplate the landscape, specifically, the diverse flora and fauna of the Cooksville Creek wetland. The pavilion is integrated into the wetland’s larger natural and cultural systems and its environs.

The artists designed the artwork to be a landmark that invites viewers from the surrounding neighbourhoods into the park. The pavilion opens to the east to strengthen its connection to the sunrise and west to allow sunset views within the park.

The artwork comprises three arches designed to create a protected space while expanding one’s view from within the pavilion to the landscape beyond.



About the artist

Polymetis Studio is a visual art and architecture studio based in Toronto, founded by Michaela MacLeod and Nicholas Croft. Working at the intersection between these traditional disciplines, each project is approached with an awareness of the influences that create our surrounding environment and how those forces may be constructed or controlled to reveal a familiar territory or space from an unusual perspective. The studio’s site-specific projects focus on experimental production, blending manual and digital skills that inspire new exploration fields, core to the work ethos. The aim is to create works that are thoughtful, engaging, and beautiful.

More information

3 Arches was commissioned with the support of Pinnacle International.

Photographs by Tori Lambermont.

3 Arches is a winner of the 2023 Mississauga Urban Design Awards – Award of Merit, for achievements in Context and Significance at the Community Scale.