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74 Reasons Why Mississauga is an Intelligent City

Business and innovation | October 28, 2021

Today, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) announced its Intelligent Community of the Year for 2021. Although Mississauga was not selected, the City continues its progress on implementing its Smart City Master Plan.

In July 2021, the ICF named Mississauga as one of the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year based on its survey of communities from around the world.

While vying for the top spot, City staff developed “74 Reasons Why Mississauga is the top Intelligent Community.”  These include initiatives and services that foster innovation, inclusion and transparency.

What does this mean for residents? Here are some examples:

  • Mississauga has Canada’s largest municipally-owned public sector (fibre optic) network with over 820km of fibre connecting 340+ sites
  • Free public Wi-Fi in 95+ City facilities and 1,100+ access points
  • 500+ connected MiWay buses
  • Advanced Traffic Management Centre, with connected traffic signals and cameras to enhance traffic flow
  • Online training and other resources for new businesses through the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC)
  • Virtual Council, Committee and public meetings
  • Chromebook and Hotspot lending available through Mississauga Library
  • An Open Data Catalogue with 200+ data sets
  • An annual Hackathon event

These and many more examples that can be found here.

Mississauga may not have achieved the top spot of ICF Intelligent Community of the Year, but as the City continues to use technology to bridge the digital divide and enhance quality of life through technology, everybody wins.

About Smart City

The Smart City Master Plan provides a framework for how the City of Mississauga approaches digital projects, engages with the public and implements digital transformation. The Smart City program provides ongoing initiatives, public engagement and thought leadership around digital modernization and smart city technologies.

About the Intelligent Community Forum

The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network with a think tank at its centre. It connects hundreds of cities and regions on five continents for collaboration on economic development and for exchange of expertise and information that drives progress. Through this network, ICF researches how Intelligent Communities use information and communications technology to build inclusive prosperity, solve social problems and enrich their quality of life in our connected century.



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