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Changes to Ontario Building Code Improve Energy Efficiency

Local government | March 30, 2017

Will you need a building permit this spring? The City of Mississauga is notifying homeowners, designers and contractors of changes to the Ontario Building Code (OBC) in advance of starting a renovation project. The changes relate to energy efficiency requirements that came into effect on January 1, 2017.

“We want to ensure everyone is aware and understands the changes to the Ontario Building Code before applying for a building permit,” said Ezio Savini, Director, Building Division. “These changes help make buildings more energy efficient and will reduce operating costs.”

The changes affect how a homeowner or contractor sets out to meet energy efficiency requirements of the OBC. This includes choosing the right type of compliance package when applying for a building permit, including prescriptive compliance packages. A prescriptive compliance package is a set of predetermined building construction requirements. When these requirements are met, so are the OBC energy efficiency requirements.

Highlights of the changes to the Ontario Building Code:

  • New prescriptive compliance packages are 15 per cent more energy efficient than previous packages. This will impact the installation of exterior insulation, windows and doors, skylights, space heating, heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and domestic water heaters.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) or HRV is now required for all prescriptive compliance packages.
  • Drain water heat recovery (the process of recovering energy from warm water to preheat incoming cold water) units are now required for all prescriptive compliance packages.

Learn more by visiting the Ontario Building Code website.

Customers can obtain a building permit from the City of Mississauga using ePlans – an easy and convenient online submission process that can be made anywhere, 24/7. For more information about building and renovating in the City of Mississauga, visit

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