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Building and Renovating

Building and Renovating in Mississauga

What am I allowed to build?

Permitted development and uses are regulated by the Zoning by-law. Visit the Zoning web page for more information

What is a building permit and why do I need one?

The requirement for a building permit is prescribed in the Building Code Act


Building permits are required to protect the interests of both individuals and the community as a whole. By reviewing and approving building plans before any work is done, the city can ensure that your project meets:


  • The Ontario Building Code, which outlines design standards that are in place to retain health, safety, fire protection, and accessibility.

  • The Mississauga Zoning By-law

  • Other applicable law, including conservation authority, heritage authority, site plan control etc.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that a building permit is obtained when required.


How do I obtain a building permit?

Building permit applications must be made online using our ePlans electronic review system.


The following application types can be submitted in person at our Planning & Building Customer Service Centre. You will be required to provide 2 copies of drawings for residential applications and 3 copies for non-residential.

  • backwater valves

  • emergency plumbing & building repairs

  • sewer conversions

  • pre-zoning applications

  • site servicing

  • occupancy prior to completion

Planning & Building Customer Service Centre

300 City Centre Dr

3rd Floor from parking elevators


Acceptable methods of payment include: cash, cheque, debit and credit card.


Application process

Before submitting an application request for a building permit, we suggest you consider the following:

  1. Do I need a building permit?

  2. Have I checked the zoning provisions for my area?

  3. Do I need the services of a design professional? (architect, engineer, qualified designer)  

  4. Do I have complete drawings that show the existing and proposed work?

  5. Have I checked that I comply with any other applicable law and obtained any other required approvals?


Click here for the application process map



Required drawings & documents

To submit a building permit application, you must provide drawings, documents and forms in accordance with the minimum application requirements found below. The application fee is also due upon application creation.

It is recommended that you acquire the services of a design professional (architect, engineer, qualified designer) to prepare your drawings and documents. For some residential projects, the home owner may prepare their own drawings, but this is not recommended.


All work indicated on your drawings must conform to the Ontario Building Code, Mississauga Zoning by-law and other applicable law (such as conservation authority, heritage, site plan approval).


Click here for building permit application requirements


How long will it take?

Your initial request may take 3-5 business days to be “prescreened”.

If your request is accepted as a “complete” application, the first “department review” may take:

  • 10 business days (residential applications)

  • 15 business days (second units applications)

  • 20 business days (non-residential applications)

“Incomplete” applications are not subject to the timelines listed above. Subsequent department reviews are not subject to the timelines above.

At the time of prescreening, staff will determine if your submission is “complete” or “incomplete”.

The amount of time required to obtain a permit will vary depending on the quality of the submission and how responsive the applicant is. The average length of time required to obtain a building permit is:

  • New  Residential  - 11 weeks (detached, semi)

  • Residential Alterations - 5 weeks (detached, semi) 

  • New Non -residential  - 15 weeks

  • Non-residential alteration - 7 weeks

  • Second Units  - 9 weeks

  • Zoning Certificate  - 5 weeks


    To obtain a permit in the quickest time possible, we recommend that you;

  • Review and provide all of the submission requirements to ensure you are providing all required drawings and documents

  • Review our sample drawings which will illustrate the quality of drawings & information expected

  • Address all of the examiners comments thoroughly and promptly

How much will it cost?

Most building permit fees are based on the scope of work and/or the area of work (m2).


Click here for a list of building permit fees


At the time of your application request you will be asked to pay an administration fee. This administration fee is non-refundable and will be credited towards your total building permit fee. Fees are required to be paid in full at the time of application creation.


Please note that there are penalties for starting construction before obtaining your permit.


There may be additional fees (development charges, etc.) and deposits (lot grading deposit, municipal services protection deposit, etc.) associated with your building permit application that may need to be paid prior to issuance. If applicable, these fees will be requested during the plan examination review.


Other approvals that may be required

If your property is subject to any of the following, you may have to provide a form of approval from the appropriate agency/department prior to your building permit being issued. It is best to provide this information at the time of your application request.

Site Plan Approval: Some properties within the City are subject to the "Site Plan Control" and site plan approval may be needed before a building permit can be issued. You may be required to submit a development application. Contact the Planning Division at 905 615 3200 x4165 for more information.

Conservation Authority: Certain properties within the City are located within conservation screening areas. Contact your conservation authority for more information
Credit Valley Conservation
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Conservation Halton

Heritage: Certain properties could be “listed” on the heritage register or be heritage “designated”. You can determine this by visiting and clicking on the “heritage” tab. Visit the Heritage Planning webpage for more information

Ministry of Transportation: Properties within a certain distance to provincial highways may require approval from MTO. Visit MTO’s Building Construction and Land Use website for more information.

Application status & resubmission

After the initial plan review, your “project status report” will be available in ePlans. This report will identify all of the outstanding issues that require action on your part. We may ask for more information or clarification on what was submitted. You will have to resubmit the requested information for a subsequent review; this is called making a resubmission or “applicant resubmit” in ePlans.


It is not uncommon for a building permit application to be reviewed more than once prior to it being found acceptable for issuance.


If you have questions about the outstanding comments on your application, you should contact the examiner directly to discuss. All examiner contact information is located on your project status report.




Click here for instruction on how to check the status of your application


All conditions placed on your application are subject to change until you have received the official plan review correction notice

Application revision

Revisions are made when you are revising work that was approved on a permit that has already been ISSUED.


If you are submitting additional or revised information for your application that is still in process, this is not a “revision” see “application status & resubmission”.




Once your building permit has been issued, should you wish to revise construction or scope of work, you will require authorization from the Building Division. This may be in the form of a “field revision” authorized by the inspector(s), or a formal “revision application”. Please speak to your inspector(s) to determine the type of revision required.


Changes to the scope of work indicated in the original building permit application may be subject to the recalculation of building permit fees and/or an additional hourly review fee.




The process of submitting a “revision” application is the same as submitting a new building permit request (see “application process”). The description of your revision permit should state “REVISION TO 18-####” referring to your original building permit.


Each revision permit shall be accompanied by:

- a covering letter summarizing and itemizing all the changes

- revised drawings and/or documents

- **NOTE: only submit drawings that reflect the revised work, do not submit drawings that do not contain changes.

Building permit history

You can search the history of building permits on a property by entering the address at the link below and clicking on the “building permits” tab.


Sample drawings:

As outlined in “application requirements”, each application must be accompanied by various drawings and documents.


Drawings should be drawn to scale. Drawings can be either in metric or imperial measurements.

Below are some sample drawings that illustrate the quality and information required. If you are not capable of preparing something of this quality, we recommend obtaining the services of a design professional (architect, engineer, qualified designer). These drawings are intended to illustrate quality and typical information required only. This is subject to change and may vary based on the scope of work and staff’s discretion. Additional information may be requested during plans examination.

Depending on the scope of work, the drawings submitted may need to bear the stamp of an architect, professional engineer, or qualified designer.

Attached Garage


Construction Notes

Cross Section


Detached Garage


Floor Plans



Roof Plan

Site Plan

Zoning Certificate

Building and Mechanical Plans Examination

The SMART (structural, mechanical, architectural review team) is responsible for the Ontario Building Code review of building permit applications. Plans examinations are performed under the authority of the Ontario Building Code Act.   

Click here for information about building plan examination

Fire Protection and Life Safety Plans Examination

Information about Fire Protection and Life Safety Plans Examination can be found here.

Permanent Signs

Information on the installation of permanent signs can be found here.


After your building permit has been issued, inspections are required to ensure that construction is being carried out in accordance with the issued building permit documents and Ontario Building Code.


Click here for more information on building inspections


Occupancy Prior to Completion


Below are the steps to be followed when you wish to occupy a building prior to completion:

1.      Applicant submits a "building permit" request in ePlans using description “OCCUPANCY PRIOR TO COMPLETION”

2.      Applicant uploads the following

·        Occupancy Prior to Completion Application form

·        Floor plans indicating the space to be occupied (if applicable)

3.      Once accepted through prescreen, the applicant will receive a fee payment task in ePlans to pay the application fee

4.      The application will be withheld until all occupancy inspections are passed by four inspection disciplines (building, heating, plumbing, fire)

5.      Once four inspections approvals are confirmed, complete the resubmit task in ePlans.

6.      The permit will be issued once the resubmission is received, provided all four occupancy inspections have been approved.


Please note: For multi residential, submit one application per floor and indicate which units are included.


Permit/Application cancellation

If you no longer wish to proceed with your construction project and would like to cancel your application or permit, please complete the cancellation request form  below. An inspection may be required prior to cancellation.


Requests to cancel applications and issued permits must be signed by the property owner.


Cancellation Request Form

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