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Building and Renovating

Building permits must be obtained before you start work on a new building, an addition, or any alterations to an existing building which are significant in nature. Permits are geared to those projects where health and safety matters are involved and exist to protect you, other homeowners, building occupants, future owners and the community. Under the Ontario Building Code Act, it is unlawful for anyone to start any construction or demolition work before obtaining a permit. A building permit is legal permission to begin construction or demolition. Building permits are issued by the Building Division, Planning and Building Department.
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The Building Permits section will help you determine your permit type and contains checklists/application aids and links to fillable forms to help you collect all your information before making the trip to the Civic Centre to submit your application.
Once you have applied, you can use the Status and Resubmission section to track your application status and learn what is required to file a resubmission to address any outstanding items.

When is a building permit for residential construction required?

Construct/demolish a house or an addition to an existing house
Construct/demolish an attached or a detached garage
Construct a deck, greater than 10m2 (107.64 ft2) in area, and all decks attached to the house which are greater than 600mm (2 ft) above the adjacent grade
Construct a porch or a balcony
Construct a basement walkout
Construct/demolish a detached accessory structure greater than 10m2 (107.64 ft2)
Construct a heated or unheated sunroom
Erect tents greater than 60m2 (645.85 ft2) or all tents erected within 3.0 m (9.8 ft) of a building
Construct roofing with structural work (i.e.- adding new dormers, skylights)
Create new openings for, or increase the size of, doors and windows
Excavate a basement to increase existing headroom/ underpinning foundation walls
Install, change, remove or repair load-bearing walls and other structural components
Install or modify HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems
Install, replace or repair plumbing, drainage or sewer systems
Construct a chimney serving a solid fuel fire appliance
Change a building's use
Install, replace or repair a private sewage system
Replace a furnace that is changing fuel type, efficiency or capacity
Install a gas fireplace as a heating appliance
Fire damage repair (structural & mechanical)

When is a building permit for non-residential construction required?

Erect, alter or repair structures over 10 m2 (107 ft2)
Change the use of an existing space
Undertake tenant improvements
Alter interior partitions or the install of skylights, windows or doors
Create a patio or covered areas
Erect garden centres, tents, air supported structures
Erect, alter or repair loading docks
Repair balconies and parking structures
Alter exterior facades
Construct or install accessory structures such as garbage enclosures
Construct or install designated structures such as retaining walls, tanks, solar panels and communication towers
Undertake mechanical alterations
Install commercial kitchen exhaust and suppression systems
Install spray booths, dust removal systems
Install rooftop HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) replacements
Install a structure of any size which contains plumbing
Install wood burning fireplaces, ovens, unit heaters and other heating appliances including the alteration, replacement or extension of ductwork
Install geothermal systems
Undertake site servicing
Install new, alter or extend existing plumbing, heating or fire protection systems
Install maglocks

When is a building permit not generally required?

Construct/demolish a detached accessory structure under 10m2 (107.64ft2) with no plumbing and with a maximum height of 3.0m (i.e. garden/utility shed/gazebo)
Construct/demolish an uncovered deck less than 10m2 (107.64ft2) and less than 600mm (2 ft) above adjacent grade
Construct/demolish a non load-bearing basement wall (i.e. finishing basement with no plumbing or HVAC [Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning])
Replace doors and/or windows that are the same size as the existing
Install siding on a house, garage or accessory building
Re-shingle a roof
Install eavestroughs, provided the drainage is contained within the property
Damp-proof basements
Paint or decorate
Install kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
Carry out minor repairs to masonry
Erect a fence
Carry out landscaping work
Add on air conditioning to an existing HVAC system
Install a decorative gas fireplace
Fire damage repair (non-structural & non-mechanical)
Note: Building permits are not required for residential pools serving 6 or fewer residential housing units. However, a pool enclosure permit is required and can be obtained from the Compliance and Licensing Section, By-law Enforcement Division of the Transportation and Works Department located on the Ground Floor of the Civic Centre.

How long will it take?

If your application is deemed to be a complete submission, review times are legislated based on the type of application. This means that the City of Mississauga will make every effort to meet the following legislative processing times.
10 Days Residential housing type applications, new construction and alterations
15 Days Part 9 scope buildings, other than residential housing
20 Days Part 3 scope buildings, new construction and alterations
30 Days Complex buildings
It is important to remember that processing time is the time to complete the initial review of your application; it does not mean that your building permit will be issued within the legislative processing times.
Applications that are processed outside of the complete application process have processing times that can vary. Processing times for these types of applications can be found at the Estimated Permit Application Processing Times chart link.

How do I get help?

Call Centre 3-1-1 available during normal business hours (Monday to Friday). Our Call Centre representatives can answer general questions concerning your building permit application. They can also respond to some technical inquiries. Where your inquiry requires a more detailed response, a request will be forwarded to Planning and Building and one our staff will get back you within 2 business days.
The City's website is open 24/7 and contains lots of detailed information. The answer to many of your questions can be found online.
Email any questions to A response will be provided within 2 business days.
Planning and Building Customer Services Centre is located on the 3rd floor (facade side) of the Civic Centre. We are open Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm to answer any of your questions.

How much will it cost?

Fees for building permit applications are required to be paid in full at the time of application. Most building applications fees for new construction (creating new floor area space), or alterations are calculated by multiplying the area by a cost per square metre. This information can be found in our Building By-law 251-2013 .
Please note that there are penalties for starting work before obtaining your permit.
Fee Schedule
There may be additional fees associated with your building permit application that will need to be paid prior to issuance, depending on the type and scope of your application. The types of fees that may be applicable can be found in the Typical Development Cost Guidelines.

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The Ontario Building Code requires building permit approval for Tents and Air-Supported Structures. To keep you apprised of the City of Mississauga's Building Division requirements, an outline of the typical information to be submitted with your application is specified here to assist you.
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Building permits for residential uncovered decks are not always required. This articel explains conditions in which a building permit is required with respect to deck construction.



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