Building permit application process

All building permit applications must be submitted online through our ePlans portal. To help you prepare, review these steps before applying to better understand the online submission requirements.

1. Confirm that your project requires a permit

Review the City’s list of common renovation, construction, demolition and installation projects to understand whether you need to complete a building permit application or not.

2. Check your zoning

Before you start a new project, check the zoning of your property to find out if there are any restrictions on what you can build.

3. Understand the associated costs and timelines

The applicant should be aware of the cost to get a building permit and how long it may take, and budget accordingly.

4. Gather forms, drawings and documents

Different forms, drawings and other documents are required depending on the type of project. Learn about the specific drawings and documents you have to provide to apply for a building permit.

Keep in mind that it’s strongly recommended that you work with a design professional such as an architect, professional engineer or qualified designer to create complete and accurate drawings that comply with the Building Code and Mississauga Zoning By-law.

5. Find out if you need additional approvals

Depending on the type of project you’re working on and where your property is located, you may need other approvals before your building permit can be issued.

Common examples of additional approvals, include:

Review and complete the Applicable Law Form to indicate which additional approvals may be required for your project. Save this form and be sure to upload it as a supporting document during the application process.

When you’re ready, follow these steps to apply for a building permit online through ePlans.

For additional guidance, you can view a PDF of the ePlans Online Process, watch the building permit process video, or refer to our ePlans help and support resources.

1. Create an ePlans account

Start the building permit application process by creating an ePlans account.

2. Submit a building permit application

Log in to ePlans and navigate to the Building Applications section. Follow the prompts to start the application process. Complete each step by providing the requested information. Submit your building permit request and pay the administration fee.

3. Upload drawings and supporting documents

Shortly after submitting your permit request, you’ll receive an email from the City that includes your temporary project number and an invitation to upload drawings and supporting documents.

Log in to ePlans and look for your submitted application under the Current Projects section. The status of your project should say, Application Upload Pending, which means you can begin uploading the required drawings and documents. It’s important to complete this step because submissions with missing documentation may result in delays.

4. Prescreen review

After you upload your drawings and documents, the City will start the prescreen review process to ensure the minimum requirements are met. The time frame for this step is subject to change depending on request volumes.

You cannot upload any additional information or respond to comments during the prescreen review.

Prescreen corrections

If the submission requires more information, you will be notified by email with details about the prescreen corrections. You must complete all prescreen corrections in order to move ahead with the application process.

5. Fee payment

Once your request passes the prescreen review, the City will send you an email to let you know what additional fees you need to pay. You can reference the Fee Schedule for a general idea of the charges.

You must pay fees under $30,000 using the applicant’s account in ePlans. You must pay fees over $30,000 by electronic payment.

6. Your application is created

Once you have paid the required fees, your application will be created and the City will send you a new application number by email.

7. Department review

Your application will then be sent for a detailed review by the relevant review groups to make sure it meets the building code, zoning by-law and other applicable approvals. Learn more about building permit cost and time frames.

When the review is completed by each review group, they will mark your application as either “approved” or “withheld”.

You cannot upload any additional information or respond to comments when a file is in review.

Applicant resubmit

If any of the review groups have “withheld” your application, you will need to resubmit revised or additional information once all examiners have completed the review. You can view outstanding comments in ePlans on the Project Status Report. The City will send you an “applicant resubmit” email that details what you need to do next.

Each resubmission cycle could add two or more weeks to the process.

8. Permit issued

Once your application is approved by all the review groups, you’ll be notified by email that your permit and approved drawings are available to download in ePlans.

After receiving your building permit, you are ready to begin work. At this point, you’ll need to be aware of what needs to be kept on site, including your building permit notice and approved drawings, and start scheduling inspections.

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