Building permit inspections

Once you’ve received your building permit and are ready to begin work, you’ll need to schedule an inspection or multiple inspections. This is to make sure that construction is carried out as per your approved drawings and the Ontario Building Code.

The Required Inspections Schedule tells you when your inspections should be scheduled.

Display permit

The following items should be kept on site at all times during construction:

  • Approved drawings
  • Building permit notice
  • Building permit display card (which must be displayed clearly on site at all times)

Schedule inspection

Building, plumbing or HVAC inspections can be booked online using your building permit application number and WEB ID. These can be found on your Building Permit Notice.

You can also view a complete history of all your previous inspection results.

Schedule inspection

Your inspection should be scheduled at least two business days in advance.

Please make sure the approved drawings and documents are on site at the time of inspection.

Fire inspections

Fire inspections for building permits must be booked over the phone. Please call 905-896-5908.

Permit completion

Once all of the inspectors have signed off, the status will change to “Completed – All inspections signed off”. If you’d like confirmation of this, please use the building permit application status tool to check the status of inspections.

Check permit status


Before a building can be occupied it must pass building, plumbing, HVAC and possibly fire occupancy inspections. You can view previous inspection results using the building permit application status tool.

Occupancy Permit

If your new home has passed an occupancy inspection and you wish to receive an Occupancy Permit please contact us online and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Application number

Occupancy permits are only available for new house permits applied for during or after 2012.

Work being done without a permit

To report work being done without a permit, first check the property information. If there is no permit, then call 905-615-4311.

These guides might address some of your concerns about ongoing construction.