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City Listens to Residents’ Feedback and Makes it Easier to Request New Bike Parking Racks Across Mississauga

City services | October 28, 2021

Mississauga residents are telling us they want more safe, secure and accessible bike parking racks, and we are listening. We’ve made it easier to request new racks and increase the number and location of bike racks throughout the city.

Through the City’s Bike Parking Program, residents can easily request new locations for bike racks or report damaged bike racks in need of replacement or repair. The program helps cyclists feel confident that reliable bike parking will be available at their favourite Mississauga destinations. It also helps increase the number of trips residents and visitors take by bike.

Bike parking plays a significant role in creating a connected, convenient and comfortable cycling network in Mississauga.

The information obtained through the program will help the City develop its bike parking inventory and better understand the life cycle of its bike racks. Approximately 55 new post and ring style bike parking racks will be installed this year alone.

Example of a post and ring bike parking rack, installed this year as part of the Bike Parking Program.

Residents can request new bike racks at locations where the City has ownership of the property and on public property. This includes road rights-of-way (e.g. sidewalks, boulevards), City parks and City-owned buildings (e.g. libraries, community centres), MiWay transit terminals and public spaces such as Mississauga Celebration Square.

Submitting a Request
Requests for new bike racks and reports of damaged bike racks can be made by calling 311, submitting an online request form or using the Pingstreet App.

To use the Pingstreet app, select Report a Problem from the homepage. Then choose Bike Parking Damage or New Bike Parking Request from the drop-down menu. Residents will be asked to provide the location where they’d like the new bike parking installed or where the damaged bike parking is. For a damaged bike rack, they’ll also be asked to provide a brief description of the damage or submit photos of the damage.

After a request is made, the City will investigate the location and/or the damaged bike rack. The City will repair or replace the damaged bike rack where suitable, based on city-wide priority and as funding allows.

Before installing a new bike rack, the City will consider:

  • The requested location and surrounding area
  • Space and accessibility
  • Existing bike parking and cycling infrastructure

This program allows the City to proactively install bike parking in areas where there is no bike parking or not enough bike parking and replace racks that no longer meet City standards. The information will also be crucial as the City develops its bike parking map, which residents and visitors will be able to use to locate bike parking in Mississauga and better plan their cycling routes and visits to the city.

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