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City of Mississauga COVID-19 Response: Council Meeting April 15 – Managing the Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 | April 15, 2020

Today, Council discussed actions and impacts in response to COVID-19 to improve safety and help mitigate impacts on residents and businesses.

“As we continue to manage this health pandemic, we ask that residents please do their part by respecting the rules for the safety of our community,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “We continue to see people disrespecting park amenity closures, not keeping a safe distance or bending the rules when it comes to gatherings with family and friends. We have also seen a rise in littering of medical gloves and masks outside grocery stores and pharmacies across our city. This is a health concern and a safety risk. Those found violating these rules will face fines. Please be good neighbours and friends and stay at home where possible. This is the only way we will help flatten the curve. We are all in this together.”

Renewal Fees Deferred for Animal and Mobile Licences

  • Renewal fees are being deferred for Pet licensing and the Mobile Licensing until June 1 or 30 days after the re-opening of public counters.

At last week’s Council meeting, our Finance team presented a report outlined the City’s current financial position.

Hiring Suspended

To assist with mitigating the financial impact of COVID-19, City of Mississauga hiring will be suspended temporarily for all positions effective end of day Tuesday, April 14. Essential services will be maintained.

Litter and Waste Dumping

  • All litter, particularly masks and gloves as well as dog waste must be disposed of properly using the appropriate waste containers available or by bringing it home.
  • Dumping household waste and garbage is unacceptable and in contravention of the City’s Debris and Anti Littering By-law and is actively being enforced. Dumping can be reported online.

 Enforcement Actions

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