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City of Mississauga launches ePlans in January 2016

Business and innovation | November 18, 2015

Today at General Committee, Council received an update on the City’s transition to ePlans which will see all building permit and site plan approvals done online starting in January 2016.

“While other municipalities have started to use ePlans, Mississauga is the first in Canada to offer an end-to-end ePlans process,” said Ezio Savini, Director of Building for the City’s Planning and Building department.  “Our ePlans process allows homeowners, businesses and design professionals to check on the status of their projects anytime and anywhere. ePlans will improve the quality and efficiency of development application and building permit services, becoming an industry best practice.”

The ePlans system enables the City to accept online applications that allow Planning and Building staff to review plans and documents at the same time. This will lessen the amount of time each file spends between staff that need to review and approve it.  “Throughout the process, applicants can check in and see where their documents are at. They will also easily be able to see any changes that have been made,” says Savini.

ePlans supports the Strategic Plan Living Green Pillar as applicants can submit plans to City Hall electronically, eliminating the need for paper plans.  This will save applicants over $100,000 in printing costs, eight metric tons of paper and approximately 40,000 liters of fuel annually.

For more information on ePlans, request a demo or start an application visit:

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