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City Provides Input to the Metrolinx Draft 2041 Regional Transportation Plan

City Council approved the report on the Metrolinx Draft 2041 Regional Transportation Plan, which looks at developing an integrated regional transportation network that serves the GTHA.

City building | November 22, 2017

Today, Council approved the report shared by the City of Mississauga’s Transportation and Infrastructure Planning division on the Metrolinx Draft 2041 Regional Transportation Plan (Draft 2041 RTP). Staff comments centred on implications of the draft plan on Mississauga including impacts to City policies and operations in the future. The Draft 2041 RTP looks at developing an integrated regional transportation network that serves the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA).

“Ensuring current transit initiatives are integrated into future ones is a top priority,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “If we’re going to convince people to get out of their cars, we have to make public transit seamless, affordable and efficient. The comments provided by staff are in line with our commitment to Mississauga residents. Our future success as a city relies upon our ability to move people and goods efficiently and effectively.”

The Draft 2041 RTP report provided an overview of five strategies and priority actions for each strategy to achieve the vision and goals outlined in the plan. The strategies and priority actions were informed by research, background studies, input from municipal planning professionals, stakeholders from across the region and GTHA residents.

“Staff have identified key aspects in the plan that directly impact future transit initiatives and priorities in Mississauga such as the City’s Transportation Master Plan,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation and Works. “By sharing feedback, we ensure that our transit initiatives are taken into consideration and align to the 2041 RTP. Our goal is to work with Metrolinx to create real sustainable transit options for users, making it faster and easier for people to travel around Mississauga and the rest of the GTHA.”

Council raised questions and concerns about the Hwy. 407 Transitway between Winston Churchill Blvd. and Brant Street not being included in the list of projects. The Hwy. 407 segment of the Transitway has significant impacts on the City’s Shaping Ninth Line  study. Also of concern was the lack of reference to the “Missing Link” that would facilitate two-way, all-day GO train service on the Milton GO corridor.

A final draft of the 2041 RTP will be presented to the Metrolinx Board of Directors on December 7, 2017. Implementation planning is underway and will include planning to identify processes, roles and responsibilities, phasing and funding. City staff will participate in the implementation phase of the Draft 2041 RTP.

View the City’s full comments on the Draft 2041 RTP.

Learn more about the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan and The Big Move.

The Big Move was the first regional transportation plan for the GTHA. It contained ten strategies that addressed all aspects of the transportation system. Over the last ten years, The Big Move focused on planning and construction of rapid transit, including projects such as the dedicated rail link to Pearson International Airport (UP Express), Mississauga Transitway and GO Regional Express Rail (RER).
Over the last two years, the Draft 2041 RTP was developed through background papers and studies about active transportation, transportation demand management, shared mobility, the regional economy and goods movement.


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