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City’s Enhanced Building Permit Process Sees More Than 4,000 Permits Issued in 2017

Business and innovation | February 7, 2018

The City of Mississauga issued more than 4,000 construction permits in 2017, an increase of approximately eight per cent from the previous year. The total value of construction permits remains at $1.3 billion for the third consecutive year.

“Mississauga is a leading destination where people choose to build a more promising future,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “With our strong economy, an educated workforce and good transportation network, Mississauga continues to be a forward thinking and growing city. These significant and ongoing building investments help strengthen Mississauga’s tax base which allows Council to fund future projects and important resident priorities we all rely on, including libraries, community centres and public transit.”

The City issued permits 10 per cent faster than in previous years with the full integration of ePlans into the building permit process. Approximately 79,000 building inspections were also completed by the City on permits issued. Increased enforcement inspection helped reduce illegal builds and ensure safe construction.

“We have made the process easier and more efficient for anyone wanting to submit a building permit,” said Ed Sajecki, Commissioner, Planning and Building. “We’ve also experienced a 40 per cent increase in permits issued on first submissions. There has been greater collaboration with the public to ensure that second units can be registered easily and constructed safely.”

Ezio Savini, the City’s Chief Building Officer, added “The value of construction permits is the result of strong, sustainable and balanced growth in Mississauga. The greatest increase saw the value of industrial permits reach $417 million, up from $192 million in 2016, which can also be attributed to Mississauga’s strong economy and continued growth in the knowledge-based sector.”

Additional information:

  • $516 million in residential permits
  • $417 million in industrial permits
  • $283 million in commercial permits
  • $46 million in other permits such as schools, government buildings and churches

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