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February 21 is International Open Data Day

Business and innovation | February 20, 2015

Open Data is one way the City of Mississauga shares relevant information with the public.

The City shares this data to help:

  • improve service delivery
  • increase transparency
  • demonstrate accountability
  • enhance community engagement

What is Open Data?

Open Data is raw, machine-readable, digital information related city-wide urban planning. The information is free and available on the City’s Open Data website. The public, including residents, students and developers, can access:

  • urban planning related reports
  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • statistical data including: population, demographics, census, development monitoring/activity, growth forecasts, housing, employment, office, land use, vacant lands and the environment.

Why does the City make Open Data available?

  • Making city data available allows the public to:
  • analyse data on their own
  • develop tools such as software, apps and websites
  • understand how the City uses data to make decisions about urban planning
  • understand the City’s business

About Open Data at the City

  • Open Data started in March 2010. The City of Mississauga is one of the first municipalities to adopt open data in Canada.
  • 400+ publications in our catalogue, those since 2010 are published in an open format such as CSV, KML, or Shapefile.
  • Our website provided one million downloads in the first three years of operation.
  • We are a member of Public Sector Open Data (PSOD) group that is run by the Province of Ontario.

Looking for Mississauga Data?

Mississauga’s Open Data is managed by the Contact Information Planning Research Unit

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